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October 2020 Free Gift With Purchase

Hi Everyone! We are so glad you're here! Welcome to our website! We're celebrating by giving a free gift with the purchase of any manicure service, any color service, or a Brazilian Blowout!

Maxi Wash: Why you need it and how to use it!

-Color and chemical services are not as harsh as they used to be! It’s a common misconception that you need to come to your appointment with dirty hair so your hair isn’t damaged by chemicals. This actually prevents the product from penetrating your hair like it needs to. Resulting in patchy and uneven absorption of products. This is where Maxi wash comes in to play!

-This detox shampoo is truly revolutionary! It uses AHA’s (alphas hydroxide acids-think skin care) to remove product and mineral build up, natural oils, dirt, and environmental toxins. This is a vital step in priming your hair to receive color or chemical services. To use, apply to wet hair, massage gently, let sit for at least 1 minute. Apply conditioner and style as usual. Please use this 1 day before or the day of your color or Brazilian Blowout for optimal results!

- As our gift to you during the month of October, each color or BBO guest will receive a free mini maxi wash!

Cuticle Oil: Why you need it and how to use it!

-This is one of the absolute most important (and underrated) steps for preserving any manicure, and maintaining healthy, beautiful nails! Think of your cuticles as leather, when leather gets dry, it dulls, cracks, and becomes brittle-same with your cuticles! If you keep your cuticles, soft and hydrated that equals fewer hangnails, less picking, and therefore less picking around the base of your manicure, resulting in less lifting and an extended life of your gel mani!

-Simply swipe cuticle oil around the base of your nail bed, and massage in to help hydrate dry cracked cuticles. This fast absorbing formula is great for any time of day.

- As our gift to you during the month of October, every manicure guest will receive a free mini size of our favorite cuticle oil- CND Solar Oil!

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